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Name:Musk Extract for Soothing Sinew and Quickening Blood
[License Number]Guo Yao Zhun Zi Z20064088[Functions of Curing]Promote blood circulation,disperse swelling and relieve pain.It’s for sports injury,acute soft tissue injury,chronic soft tissue injury,fracture pain,joint pain after dislocation union and rheumatic pain.[Ingredients]musk tincture,camphor...
Name:Compound Golden Larch Bark Tincture
[License Number]Guo Yao Zhun Zi Z51020035[Indications]Inhibit epidermic mould and relieve itching.It’s for ringworm of the hand,ringworm of the foot,ringworm of the body,etc.[Ingredients]golden larch bark tincture,benzoic acid,salicylic acid[Specification]20ml/bottle×200 bottles/case
Name:Fructus Liquidambaris Capsules
[License Number]Chuan Wei Shi Zhun Zi(2004) No.185[Appropriate People]It’s for those people who have low immunity or who move with difficulty due to rheumatism and get tired easily.[Ingredients]glossy ganoderma,safflower,Chinese flowering quince,gynostemma,ophidian black snake,polyrhachis vicina,Chi...
Name:Antong Capsules
[License Number]Guo Shi Jian Zi G20060785[Appropriate People]the patient whose blood fat is slightly higher than normal one’s[Appropriate Symptoms]chest fullness and pain,palpitation and breathlessness,dizziness and insomnia,drowsiness and tiredness,etc[Ingredients]pseudo-ginseng,root of red-rooted ...
[License Number]Wei Xiao Zi(2005) No.0225[Functions and Applicable Scopes]1.It’s for killing suppurative coccus,pathogenic saccharomycete and common bacteria in nosocomial infections.2.It’s for a variety of stubborn dermatitis(ringworm of the body,crural tinea,tinea versicolour,tinea manus and pedis...
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